How to look Young and Pretty!

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Doomsday 2012? Listen to this Scary  Song

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Beauty Tips for Elderly Women Part 2

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Over 40 and still Want to look pretty? Watch and learn WrottenBeauty’s secretes to eternal beauty!

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Sexy Chicks Attack

Want to see hot girls in action? Watch this video:

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Worst Toothpaste Advertisement?

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Wanna finally know what all this quacking is about?
Great! We want to tell you!
Watch this video and find out all about his holly quackiness and why he is the ONE and ONLY savior and creator! (With no offence to all you christians and muslims out there. And jews too.)

Listen to Guby preaching her love to the Duck God:

Dear fellow Duck Lovers,
We have composed and recorded a song to his high hollyness, which we hope you will all enjoy and practice at home, in your school break, or at the office! Anywhere is fine enough for the duck god, he hears and sees you everywhere!

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Thanks. Watch and learn this song and hope you’ll come out quaking away better than ever!
The LoonyLatkeGirls

Welcome to the Club of Sinners!

You’re not alone my friend!
We are all sinners, we are all doomed! So don’t even try to fight against it. Just accept it. You HAVE SINNED badly this year, and we know it!

What can you do about it accept sin more? Sinning is the nature of all human species…

And that is why we will all be cursed for ever! Unless….
And join our sinning Duck God club!! Pray to the duck god, kiss his holly quack’s feet and give us all your money!

PS. Watch this video afterwards to learn all about the duck god and his great quackiness!

Brought to you by the two crazy Latke Girls,
Gubergabia Grimizolla and MamaMamia (The Big Bossy Latke)

Stupid Funny Video – You are a Sinner!!

Ever felt like you were the perfect little angel? Well, Mama Latke has something else to say…..hear her out and you will CERTAINLY NEVER again feel like you did before…honestly!

So here we go…. beware!

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The LatkeTeam

??? – Watch More Funny Videos
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Teaching Kids the Best Eating Habbits Already from a Young Age!

Watch this video and start teaching your children how to eat elegantly while staying nice and clean! (As you see Guby has managed to so nicely.)

Watch it now:

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Ever wanted to loose that gloopy, yucky and jiggly belly fat you have over there?
Well, now we can help you get rid of it!

the hidden kept secrete is EXPOSED how to loose all those fats especially your belly fat within MINUTES!

Watch this video to find out how you too can have a beautiful, tiny winy wasteline like some of those models you see in magazines!

A Lesson In Table Manners

Good lessons must be taught to children from a young age!
They must learn to behave correctly, eat nicely with a fork and knife and be polite to adults.

Watch MamaMia teaching Guby one of the most important lessons in life – how to eat daintily without dirtying your hands.

I assure you, you’ll learn much from this and hopefully be able to reduce the risk of getting obese by following the guidlines to good eating habbits as shown in this video of ours!


A Singing Loony

If in the bathtub or in a dark tunnel, the LoonyLatkes love to yoodell and zing!
We Latkes were always very talented in singing!
It has passed down the family lines from my crazy great grandma who could sing beautifully and ended up practicing her zinging skills in high pitch fights with my mother and grandmother. From there it went on down the line till it came to mom and me!

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