“Good Table Manners for Kids” – Staying Clean while Eating Pasta

Teaching Kids the Best Eating Habbits Already from a Young Age!

Watch this video and start teaching your children how to eat elegantly while staying nice and clean! (As you see Guby has managed to so nicely.)

Watch it now:

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Yoodelling Mommy – Finding Her Hidden Zinging Talents!

A Singing Loony

If in the bathtub or in a dark tunnel, the LoonyLatkes love to yoodell and zing!
We Latkes were always very talented in singing!
It has passed down the family lines from my crazy great grandma who could sing beautifully and ended up practicing her zinging skills in high pitch fights with my mother and grandmother. From there it went on down the line till it came to mom and me!

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How to tell your children “I told you so!” in the most annoying ways….

Stupid Funny Video of How to Say: “I told you so!”

Ever felt like the superior adult around the place? Wanted to show your children how much you know and how much you are always right at by saying the most annoying sentence to children: “I told you so!”

Well, now you can say it in 6 DIFFERENT WAYS TO THEM!!!

Watch this funny video to learn all of them and start annoying your children today!

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