Who Are The Loony Latkes?

The Loony Latkes
When the Loony latkes Don't Brush Teeth.... It's Difficult to SMILE!

Gubergabia Grimizolla & Big Bossy Latke are a truly funny dream team, often creative at midnight, past Little Gubi’s bedtime.(Oh dear, the bags shall revenge…). Just looking our best can be a nightmare.

Fearlessly direct, honest, revealing, half-witted and hysterically funny…

We bring you proven rotten old age beauty tips, loser diet advice, farty fitness exercises, our 2cents on politics, life and surviving a nagging bossy mom (moi) and a know-it-all kid, school, Germany, men, aging, your child’s correct education….

Watch Bossy Latke’s cooking videos for a spoiled brat, learn from Gubi the “right” table manners kids must be possessed of, and a ton of other rediculous stuff only to be found here….


P.S.: Retweet us, tell followers & friends and blog about us – if you want to avoid early death. For each person you tell about us you will be granted one extra day to live!

At Your Risk.

– Big bossy Latke (The Rotten Beauty, aka, old mama.)

Who Are We? (Gubi’s 2cents)

Duh. ?Easy question. We’re loony latkes that like to do ALL THE CRAZY, FUNNY stuff that there is to do.

From hilarious commercial videos about diet loss to me stuffing my face into a ball of pasta and eating without hands, there isn’t much stupid funny stuff that we don’t do. Just watch even ONE of our funny videos and you are SURELY going to have a hard time keeping your laughter down so as not to make your neighbors think you’ve gone stark crazy. (And believe me, that will be a VERY HARD thing to do!)

All of our videos have something funny and educational inside of them which usually ends up going all wrong anyway.

We love to stay up late at night composing these funny videos JUST FOR YOU to watch and enjoy and often dirty ourselves up while doing so.

If you’ve already watched out all of our educational funny videos on how to control your children better or such, then just hop by the “bad table manners” to see some more of me.

Who’s me?

Me? Gubergabia Grimizolla of course! The top hilarious ?nutter of all!
Comedian, artist, zinger, story teller, spoiled eater (when it comes to borocolli! YUCKKK!!) and the little one over there in the picture.

If you want to see more pictures (both SCARY and FUNNY of me, then just go the the pictures page and you’ll find tons of them.)

Anyway, if you want to REALLY get to know us, then just jump over to have a look at our videos and START LAUGHING!

Have a very FUNNY day ahead!



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